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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FAQ of my apps

Great news for the transparent screen app, the downloads are 5,000,000 now. I publish this app in 2012 Aug 06, now less than two months, Great Job, Well done.

I have publish several apps, two are camera related, one is called silent spy camera app, another is transparent screen camera. And there also has a seperated photo vault. There are different type app, but actually some FAQ is common for both. So I list all the FAQ in here, also the different between these two apps.

1. Top 1 FAQ, why the camera function failed in my phone?
[Answer:] Sorry, since android has different version and different vendor, when one function works in one phone, it also might be failed in other phones, and currently even google do not have any better solution for this issue. The only thing we can do is, you send me your phone type, and os version, I can try to find a similar phone from my friends and debug the problem.

2. Second FAQ, can this app take picture silently?
[Answer:] Yes, but I am using a hack way to implement this, so you might find the picture resolution is not so good. But there is another way to disable camera sound and have the good resolution, you can try to search these key words(How to disable camera sound in android, how to root android phone) from google to find the way to do this. Or you can check one guy who list the detail steps in here:
Once you remove the sound by yourself, you do not need to check the silent option in my app.

3. What's the magic file, what's the photo vault?
[Answer:] This is the very cool feature, currently I have not found any similar app has this features. It was my ideas. When you want to hide the picture, most app will just change the name or put them into a place which is hidden for normal app. But that make more problem, when people found you have put some files in a wrong name or in a secret place, they will know, hey, these files are secret files.
So my solution is, turn your real files to a fake magic files, when people open it, it is just like a normal picture. And your real picture is hidden in this normal fake picture. They just can not view it. :)
When you want to view it, you can export the real pictures.

4. All the other functions, you can check with my youtube channel to find the video about how to use this app.

If you still have problem, feel free to post in here or email to me

What's the different for these two apps?
1. Silent spy camera is more like a spy camera, it has more stable camera function, and it also support video record, even the HD video. And more features, like quick start, and schedule snap etc.
But this app only support to have a pre-defined fake screen. Actually total black screen is already enough, but user request me to add more. :)

2. Transparent screen camera app is more like a cool app, you still can use it as a spy camera app, because it can take picture in background even you are using your phone to play real game and make real phone call. But it is not stable, honestly the resolution also is not so good. But it is cool. :) And it looks like users like this one more.

To download it through google play store, just search julycamera, you will find my app.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What should I develop again?

It is a new year now, it is a shame for 2013, I did not develop any good apps, tried some other android apps, but it is not successful. :) Good news is, the new app download# is stable, not like the transparent app. So here I have some options:
1. Keep enhance the old app.
2. Find a new idea for android.
3. Try other platform.
Emm, who knows, I want to do the option 1 first.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wow, the download go to more than 2,000,000 now

The free version of my silent camera app is already growth to 30000 downloads, and it only take two months. Clearly I am doing the right thing than the previous app.
Good Job.

Now it is more than 1,000,000 downloads for transparent screen camera app. But the sad thing is some user just leave bad comments with read the FAQ. Anyway I can ignore these users. :)

OK. New update again. It is only 22 days, now the download of my transparent screen camera app is more than 2,000,000 now. I am wowed by myself. Also the other app silent spy camera app also got more download, it is more than 100,000 now. What a nice day.

I am start to considering what's my next app.... Go to iphone, try one iphone app or continue with android.........

Monday, June 4, 2012

how about to implement a transparent screen for android

I have finished the spy camera app feature, but I still got several users request to change the fake preview screen, although I have added more and more styles as users's  request. But I can not customize for every one.
So how about to implement a transparency screen app which can take picture while you use the phone normally.
When I first though about this idea, I though that must can not be done. :) The reason is only one activity can be shown in android phone. But when I do more investigation, I found some amazing API and features in android SDK. They made this doable.
I will try these API and start to work on a new project. Wish this project is my best final android app. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hide the app icon in android phone

I also was amazed by my app now, what's the most important feature of one spy camera app, first disable sound, hide the app icon, so no one can find you install this app, and the record file also can be hidden, so we can say this is the most amazing spy camera app. And it is summer now, host sexy girl and beautiful leg and ass are everywhere, bus station, the street, the beach, try with this app, you will find more fun in this season. Click below link to find it in android market.

Get it on Google Play

Friday, April 13, 2012

Amazing feature, schedule snap is finished now

The schedule snap feature is released, now I can say my spy camera app is the best spy camera app in android market. LOL.
It have all the other spy camera app's feature and include my key feature which can hide file into magic file.
If you want to download and try just search JulyCamera or access android market in here
So Do you Want to take a picture or video of your friend without him knowing? The Silent Spy Camera app has got you covered, so to speak. 

The app isn't limited to those basic functions--it boasts many useful features. These include the ability to take continuous pictures every five seconds (or whatever time interval you set), various preview screen modes, and the ability to schedule photos and videos in advance.

Silent Spy Camera lives up to its name. It suppresses shutter sounds, flash, and other giveaways. Take a picture or a video by simply and unobtrusively pressing the volume key. The app also hides your photos and videos with fake pictures, so people looking through your phone can't see them. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

how to share the files through the spy camera app

Recently I got several user's request, they are using my spy camera app to take picture, but they want to share these files and view the other's files.
Emm.. good suggestion, but how to implement this, whether we can implement these kind of feature in android market. I do not know. I will try to add this feature later anyway.