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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to earn more than millions of money from android app by yourself.

Last Update From zhonglin.liu for this app.

This will be the last update from me for this app. I just sold this app with all the source code to the one who I think they will make it more better than me.
So it is kind of sad to say goodbye to this app, my life was changed by this app. Although I do not want to give up, but I must to leave now.

1. Why I use Julycamera, it is the first time I use zhonglin.liu as my id in this blog and my app. Actually my email was You always can find me with this email. Anything you want to talk, you want to know. 7, Seven, it is a magic number, I love it so much. I even named my little daughter with 77, the APP is mainly developed when I was in the Leeds UK and July. And I do not want anybody know I was developing this app, as you know this app is kind of creepy. And I have a normal job daily and normal life. So I used Julycamera.

2. Here is the most important thing as the title, how to earn more than millions of money from android app by yourself? Actually I am google fan, I hate Apple, but the only thing I think apple is doing great is APPSTORE. This save our ass, as a coder or engineer or anybody who can develop a app, he can publish it to all the users. You might say it still need marketing or operation guys or someone else. Yes, but without that, you still can do it. APPSTORE is the best thing by Apple, not the iphone or ipad or mac.

The first tips is, When you have an idea, just do it. When I want to develop an app and publish, Google even do not allow me to apply an account since they do not support China account. But I did not give up, find some other way. So as you, just do it no matter what is blocking you.

The second tips is, Listen to your fans. Actually my original app is totally different now, thanks the users who used my app and send email to me, and I changed it as your suggestion.

The last tips is, there are too many tips and stories which said how to make a successful app, do not listen to them. LOL, or even my tips. Other people's story is just a story. Do it in your own way, just do it, you will get successful one day.

OK, I do not know who will read this blog, maybe no body, it is just an end of my little journey, I want to say something in somewhere. Good Luck to julycamera continiously.